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Hard Drive Shredding

Secure Hard Drive / SSD Shredding with our state of the art shredder that can handle 600 drives an hour. Prime Asset Recovery can handle all size jobs. All drive serial numbers will be recorded and you will receive a certificate of destruction.

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    Securely Erase Your Data with Hard Drive Shredding


    Data security is essential for any business, but when it comes time to discard old hard drives, the risk of data leakage can be too great to ignore. Hard drive shredding is one of the most secure and effective ways to eliminate your data and protect your organization from data breaches.


    At Prime Asset Recovery, we provide hard drive shredding services that are designed to keep your confidential information safe. We use stateoftheart hard drive shredders that break down hard drives into tiny pieces, ensuring that your data is completely destroyed and unrecoverable. Once at our secure warehouse our team of certified technicians follow strict procedures to ensure that your data is completely destroyed.


    Our hard drive shredding services are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your sensitive data. Our advanced shredding process ensures that your hard drives are broken down into small pieces that are impossible to reconstruct. We also provide certification of destruction that proves that your data has been securely and safely destroyed.


    At Prime Asset Recovery, we understand the importance of data security and take it very seriously. We provide the highest level of protection.


    Our team of IT experts have over 15 years of experience in asset recovery. We not only provide you with cash for used and unwanted equipment, we also ensure it’s done ethically, and quickly.



    Save money on costs while saving the planet. Safely and securely dispose your old IT equipment by enlisting us to follow regulatory guidelines on your behalf.

    Simply provide us with a list of your IT assets and we can quickly provide you with a fair and accurate quote.

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    • Dell, HP, IBM, SuperMicro, Cisco, Sun servers
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    • Hard drives SATA, SAS, SSD, M.2 mSATA
    • Intel and AMD Desktop and Server CPUs
    • Enterprise Networking Equipment
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    • All brands of Laptop and Desktop PCs

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    Hard Drive Shredding - FAQs

    What is hard drive shredding?

    Hard drive shredding is the process of physically destroying a hard drive to ensure that the data stored on it is completely irretrievable.

    Why is hard drive shredding important?

    It’s crucial for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access, especially when disposing of or recycling old hard drives.

    How does hard drive shredding work?

    Hard drives are physically broken down using specialized shredding machines that cut the drives into small pieces, making data recovery impossible.

    Can I shred a hard drive myself?

    While it’s possible, it’s not recommended due to safety concerns and the risk of incomplete destruction.

    What types of data can be protected by hard drive shredding?

    All types of data, including personal, financial, and confidential business information, can be protected.

    Is hard drive shredding better than data wiping?

    Shredding is more secure as it physically destroys the drive, whereas data wiping involves erasing data which can sometimes be recovered.

    How small are the pieces after shredding a hard drive?

    The size can vary, but they are typically small enough to make data recovery infeasible.

    Is hard drive shredding environmentally friendly?

    Yes, most shredding services ensure environmentally responsible disposal of shredded materials.

    Can solid-state drives (SSDs) be shredded?

    Yes, SSDs can also be shredded, although the process might differ slightly from traditional hard drives.

    How much does hard drive shredding cost?

    Costs vary depending on the service provider and the number of drives to be shredded.

    Can I witness the hard drive shredding process?

    Many service providers offer the option to witness the shredding for verification purposes.

    What happens to the shredded materials?

    They are typically recycled following environmental guidelines.

    Is hard drive shredding compliant with data protection laws?

    Yes, it’s generally compliant with laws like GDPR, HIPAA, etc., for data destruction.

    How often should businesses shred hard drives?

    This depends on the company’s data retention policy and the volume of sensitive data handled.

    Can I recover any data from a shredded hard drive?

    No, shredding ensures that data recovery is not possible.

    What should I consider when choosing a hard drive shredding service?

    Consider their compliance with data protection laws, shredding methods, and disposal practices.

    Can I shred external HDD and SSD drives and USBs?

    Yes, external drives and USBs can also be shredded.

    Is onsite hard drive shredding available?

    Many providers offer onsite shredding services for added security.

    How do I prepare my HDD and SSD drive for shredding?

    Remove it from your computer and ensure it’s free of any mounting hardware.

    Are there any legal requirements for hard drive shredding?

    Legal requirements vary by region but generally involve compliance with data protection and disposal laws.

    Can I shred a hard drive with a personal shredder?

    Personal shredders are typically not capable of shredding hard drives effectively.

    What certifications should an HDD and SSD drive shredding company have?

    Look for certifications like NAID AAA or ISO 27001.

    How long does the hard drive shredding process take?

    The time can vary but usually, it’s a quick process, especially with professional services.

    Can shredded hard drives be reused?

    No, once shredded, they cannot be reused.

    What is the difference between hard drive shredding and degaussing?

    Shredding physically destroys the drive, while degaussing erases data by demagnetizing the drive.

    Is HDD and SSD drive shredding necessary for non-functional drives?

    Yes, as non-functional drives may still contain recoverable data.

    Can government and military HDD and SSD drives be shredded?

    Yes, and there are often specific standards and protocols for these types of drives.

    What are the risks of not shredding old HDD and SSD drives?

    Risks include data theft, identity theft, and breach of compliance regulations.

    How can I verify that my data has been securely destroyed?

    Many providers offer a certificate of destruction as proof.

    Are there any data types that cannot be destroyed by shredding?

    Shredding effectively destroys all data types stored on a physical drive.

    Hard Drive Shredding - Benefits

    1. Ensures Data Security

    Completely destroys data, preventing unauthorized access.

    2. Protects Sensitive Information

    Keeps confidential and personal information safe.

    3. Complies with Privacy Laws

    Meets legal requirements for data destruction.

    4. Prevents Data Breach

    Reduces the risk of data theft and associated liabilities.

    5. Environmental Responsibility

    Enables responsible recycling of electronic waste.

    6. Saves Storage Space

    Eliminates the need to store obsolete HDD and SSD drives.

    7. Peace of Mind

    Provides assurance that data cannot be recovered.

    8. Cost-Effective

    Reduces costs associated with data breaches and storage.

    9. Efficient Data Management

    Helps in maintaining an organized data management system.

    10. Enhances Corporate Reputation

    Demonstrates a commitment to data security and privacy.

    11. Reduces Clutter

    Helps in decluttering physical storage areas.

    12. Supports Sustainable Practices

    Aligns with green initiatives and sustainability goals.

    13. Easy Disposal Solution

    Offers a straightforward method for disposing of old drives.

    14. Deters Industrial Espionage

    Prevents competitors from accessing sensitive business data.

    15. Regulatory Compliance

    Ensures adherence to industry-specific regulations.

    16. Protects Intellectual Property

    Secures valuable business information and trade secrets.

    17. Mitigates Legal Risks

    Reduces the likelihood of legal issues related to data breaches.

    18. Enhances Data Lifecycle Management

    Forms a crucial part of a comprehensive data lifecycle strategy.

    19. Prevents Identity Theft

    Protects against the risk of personal identity theft.

    20. Onsite Shredding Options

    Provides the convenience of witnessing the destruction process.

    21. Versatility in Destroying Various Media

    Effective for HDD drives, SSDs, and other storage devices.

    22. Professional Assurance

    Expert services ensure complete and secure destruction.

    23. Customizable Service Options

    Services can be tailored to specific business needs.

    24. Certificate of Destruction

    Provides official documentation for record-keeping.

    25. Streamlines IT Asset Disposition

    Integrates seamlessly into broader IT asset management processes.

    Hard Drive Shredding - Risks & Resources

    1. Incomplete Destruction

    Risk of not fully destroying the data, leading to potential data breaches.

    2. Physical Injury

    Potential for injury due to the use of powerful shredding machinery.

    3. Environmental Hazards

    Improper disposal of shredded materials can harm the environment.

    4. Data Recovery Possibility

    Shredded pieces, if not sufficiently small, may allow data recovery.

    5. Compliance Violations

    Risk of not meeting specific legal and regulatory data destruction standards.

    6. High Costs

    Professional shredding services can be expensive for some organizations.

    7. Equipment Malfunction

    Shredding machines can malfunction, leading to incomplete destruction.

    8. Unauthorized Access

    Risk of data being accessed during the transportation to a shredding facility.

    9. Loss of Important Data

    Accidental shredding of hard drives containing necessary data.

    10. Noise Pollution

    Shredding machines can be very loud, causing noise pollution.

    11. Time Consumption

    The process can be time-consuming, especially for large volumes of drives.

    12. Resource Intensive

    Requires significant resources in terms of machinery and manpower.

    13. Dependence on Service Providers

    Risks associated with relying on external vendors for shredding services.

    14. Improper Shredding Techniques

    Using outdated or ineffective shredding methods.

    15. Transportation Risks

    Risks involved in transporting hard drives to off-site shredding locations.

    16. Limited Verification

    Difficulty in verifying the complete destruction of data.

    17. Data Residue

    Potential for data residue on other parts of the shredded material.

    18. Breach of Confidentiality

    Risk of confidential information being exposed during the shredding process.

    19. Inadequate Record Keeping

    Failure to maintain proper records of the shredding process for audits.

    20. Overlooking Non-Physical Data

    Ignoring the need to destroy data stored in cloud or off-site backups.

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