What is an IT Asset Recovery Service?

An IT asset recovery service can provide businesses with a number of benefits. By recycling or reselling your old IT assets, you can save money on the cost of buying new equipment. Additionally, many asset recovery services offer data destruction services to ensure that all confidential data is erased from the equipment before it is recycled or resold. This can help to protect your business from data breaches and other security risks.


In addition, our services can assist businesses with meeting the legal requirements for disposing of their IT assets. Many countries have regulations in place governing how IT assets should be disposed of, and an IT asset recovery service can help you to meet these requirements. This can help to protect your business from any potential fines or penalties.


Finally, Prime Asset Recovery(PAR) can provide businesses with a convenient, costeffective way to dispose of their IT assets. By using an asset recovery service, businesses can save time and money, while also ensuring that their IT assets are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

How do we work


IT asset recovery helps organizations improve their security, as the process typically involves securely wiping all data from the assets before they are disposed of or donated. This ensures that sensitive data stays out of the wrong hands and prevents security breaches.

Responsible Recycling

The benefit of using equipment recovery services is that you will be able to stop the waste which is accumulating in your office and home from your outdated IT machine as well as data destruction. This in turn helps the environment by reducing landfill taxation and saving landfills from poisonous heavy metals leaching into the soil and groundwater .

Capital Recovery

When you buy a new computer or server, you assume that it will be reliable and trouble-free. After all, you expect to have it for a few years or more. However, PCs are designed to last only two to three years and servers much less than that according to the manufacturers. What happens when your IT equipment comes to the end of their lifecycle? You can buy new hardware or you can take advantage of our IT Asset Recovery services, which allow you to recover essential capital from your end-of-life devices.

How We Are Different


All of our are services are free to our clients. We offer free pickup, free data destruction (wiping and/or shredding), and free reporting for all of your IT equipment. If it is electronic and recyclable or re-marketable we will help you responsibly dispose of your unwanted IT equipment and securely recovery maximum value.

Asset Recovery Services

Why not reclaim the value from your retired IT equipment to use towards your IT budget needs. As you finish one project, it is time for you to start the next one so it makes sense to benefit from your old IT equipment that is ready for recycling.


Asset recovery services are becoming an increasingly popular way of re-using and recycling corporate IT equipment.


Up until now, most asset recovery services charged for pickup, data destruction, and reporting. But PAR provides this service free of charge to you, helping you retain vital IT budget capital. We also help maximize profits through resale of you equipment.

Benefit of asset recovery services

IT Asset Recovery services are a great way to maximize the value of your IT investments without breaking the bank. With the right IT Asset Recovery provider, you can save time and money while ensuring that your IT infrastructure is up to date and functioning at optimal levels.


An asset recovery service can also help to improve your IT infrastructure. As your IT assets become outdated or obsolete, the service can help you to upgrade them and keep your systems running at their best. This can not only help to save you money, but it can also help to keep your technology up to date and streamlined.


Finally, our service can provide you with more peace of mind. With the right provider, you can be sure that all of your IT investments are secure and safe. The service will protect your data, keep your systems updated, and ensure that you have access to the latest technology. Auditable reports are available for data destruction services using DOD and NIST certified methods.


By investing in PAR, you can save time, money, and energy while still protecting your IT investments. With the right provider, you can be sure that your IT investments are secure and that you are getting the most out of your IT investments.

What we do

IT Asset Recovery Options

If you are interested in selling some used IT equipment, why not consider using an experienced and well-regarded organization such as Prime Asset Recovery. This is an internationally respected asset recovery assistance that has been recovering IT apparatus for over 15 years. Should you have any further questions about how PAR can help you benefit from your unwanted IT equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may offer you a possible solution for your IT budget needs. Our team will schedule an asset survey, evaluate your inventory and work with you on putting together a simple secure plan to recoup the unrealized value of your unused or unwanted hardware.


If you are thinking of selling your used computer equipment, why not consider PAR. We have been recovering and selling used computer parts for over 15 years. With a helping hand from PAR, you too can benefit from your old IT equipment.


Asset recovery services are becoming an increasingly popular way of re-using and recycling corporate IT equipment. Up until now, most asset recovery services meant spending money and hoping to get some return on investment back when your computer systems reach the end of their working life. However, by using our asset recovery assistance program you will get a swift and meaningful return on your equipment investment(ROI), your IT budget will surely benefit.


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