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We all know that recycling is much important to maintain the standards of the environment. It helps us in reducing pollution due to waste. It is a secure way of saving energy. Like in other fields of life, recycling plays an important role in the field of Information Technology.

What are alternatives to server recycle?

If you do not want to recycle your old servers, IT assets, server equipment, networking equipment or laptops, you can use alternative ways to stay safe from data leakage or identity thieves. Some alternative ways for server recycling are explained below:

Repurposing method (for old computer servers)

Nowadays, companies are also trying to become ‘green’, so most companies try to repurpose server equipment rather than server recycling. Organizations use old server hardware as a backup data center. It could help the newly added servers or store archives and data that is not too useful. Old servers can also be virtualized to maximize the allocation of its services.

Remarketing old computer servers

If the server is still in usable form and it’s not worth becoming e-waste, then you can resell it. Use computer disposal services before selling it, to secure your information and materials. You can find customer for your old servers online or offline. You can also consider an IT asset disposition company for server recycling service. If you don’t find any customers for your old products, then you can consider disposing of, recycling or donating your server equipment.

Dispose of electronic equipment

The organization which is responsible for the disposal of IT hardware is called Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). You can choose the WEEE certified company for environment-friendly server recycling. Such certified electronics recyclers do server recycling according to WEEE guidelines. Electronics Recycler will help you in server recycling with all rights reserved. After hiring such a company you don’t need to worry about e-waste.
The main purpose of a server is to store data and to allow manipulation and sharing of data with any company’s network. While server recycling, do not forget that all of your data is still in the hard drive and it can fall into the hands of wrong person such as a competitor or cybercriminal. As stated before, use some good tools to wipe away all of your data from hard drive.
We have discussed much about server recycling, now let’s discuss about some other electronics recycling. Electronic and computer devices also need to be disposed properly. Here is more explanation for disposal of network equipment and other electronics (computer materials).

How We Are Different


Before recycling, make sure that you have done data destruction properly. As data destruction is the most important for an organization to reduce data leakage risks. You can use data erasure services for this purpose. Remember that, recycling does not mean that you get rid of waste. Actually, it transforms IT equipment into another form.

Disposal of old computers

As stated many times in above section, first of all wipe away all the data from hard drive of computers (in order to secure your data from cybercriminals). As you can’t just throw it away, because some components of computer are hazardous for Earth, so you have two solutions. Either you can choose recycling services or donating computers. computer recycling is the same as servers recycling.

Disposal of old TV

TV is also a part of electronics, so its necessary to know legislation for its disposal. There are many ways to dispose an old TV such as you can donate it, take it to electronics recycling authority, return it to manufacturer, sell it or give it for free. These are some of the common ways for proper disposal of TV. You can search on internet for more disposal tricks.

Disposal of CRT monitors

As CRTs are too old to be sold, so best way for its perseverance is to recycle it. Recycling providers will use its components in further devices, which is much helpful.
The best method for destruction of CRTs is controlled gas destruction of glass material. This method helps in neutralizing the chemical compounds into less harmful materials.

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